Construction and structure concept of engineer working drawing on blueprint meeting for project working with partner on model building and engineering tools in working site, construction concept.

Engineering Support

Struggling to find a unique solution for your equipment application? Wesgarde offer excellent Engineering Support to help.

Accent Engineering SupportCall Wesgarde, with a staff of technical inside and outside sales, as well as engineers on staff we can find a solution for your unique application. Wesgarde focuses on offering solutions through engineering. We are not afraid to do the work necessary to give you the engineering support you need. Let Wesgarde provide you with a multitude of “Best in Class “ products from over a hundred Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers. If want quality we got it, if you want value we can provide that too or if just need something special or unique we will help you find it. Almost 40% of the products Wesgarde sells are special or customizable, and built to your specifications. Our Value -Add services will even help engineer complicated sub-assemblies or create specials which may not meet manufacturer’s minimum order quantities.

Have a single sourced component that is giving you fits?

We will help you spec a second source component with drawings, first article samples and technical support. Wesgarde wants to be your Engineering Solutions AND Supply Chain Partner!

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