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Built to Perform Admirably in the Harshest Marine Environments.

Our commitment to the marine industry.


Wesgarde’s experience as a trusted supplier and value added resource for the boat builders and marine equipment OEMs runs deep.

  • Sealed Rocker Switches, Submersible Switches, Thermal Circuit Breakers, Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers, battery management, terminal block, power distribution,sealed touchscreen displays.

Experience The Wesgarde Difference.

Cadets and Old Salts alike depend on their on-board electrical systems to keep them informed, illuminated and in communication with the mainland. Out on the water, boater safety often correlates with the quality, reliability and performance of the equipment built into the craft.

That’s why boat builders and panel builders of marine equipment, manufactures will only use the highest quality, best performing electrical components in their designs – when lives are at stake, these product designers and manufacturers understand that failure is just not an option.

Since 1976, Wesgarde has proudly served this demanding, zero-tolerance industry by incorporating the same criteria to the products it supplies and the innovative solutions its engineers create – failure is not an option.

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Wesgarde stocks thousands of products from the brand name manufacturers you know and trust. Companies like Carling TechBlue Seas and ETA.

From personal watercraft to small boats and luxury yachts, OEM design engineers trust Wesgarde to provide them with the products and custom solutions that are guaranteed to perform where and when it counts the most.

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Searching for high performing electrical components that are moisture and salt-spray resistant, can stand up to vibrations, shock and temperature fluctuations without skipping a beat? Look to Wesgarde – no periscope needed.

Sealed Rocker Switches, Submersible Switches, Thermal Circuit Breakers, Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Battery Management, and Power Distribution.

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